Driving the success of the British Rally Championship: Meet the support company

Behind the roaring engines and adrenaline-pumping action of the British Rally Championship (BRC) is a network of support companies that play a pivotal role in making the championship a success. From auto giants to brands with a deep passion for motorsport, these sponsors provide much-needed financial and technical support to keep the wheels of the rally spinning. This article highlights the companies rallying behind the BRC around Centiment Casino, a brand that shares the excitement and thrill of championships.

Automotive Powerhouse: Driving Rally Excellence

The leading car manufacturer has long been synonymous with motorsport, and their partnership with the British Rally Championship demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering and performance.

Ford – A Rally Legacy

A recognizable name in motorsport history, Ford continues to be the driving force behind the BRC. Along with a legacy of rally success, Ford’s backing includes technical expertise, financial backing and providing rally-ready vehicles dominating the championship leaderboards.

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Toyota Gazoo Racing – Rally Innovation

Toyota Gazoo Racing’s entry into the BRC signifies the brand’s commitment to rally innovation. Their state-of-the-art technology and engineering prowess elevates the competition, taking drivers to new levels of performance.

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A brand with a passion for motorsport

In addition to automakers, other brands with a burning passion for motorsport rallying are rallying behind the BRC, acknowledging the championship’s impact on the global rallying community.

Red Bull – The Energizing Rally Spirit

Red Bull’s active support gives BRC a dynamic edge. Their involvement goes beyond financial support, and they engage in promotional and engagement activities that strengthen solidarity and connect fans with the championship.

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Michelin – Tires with excellent grip

The partnership between Michelin and BRC provides competitors with high-performance tires that can withstand the toughest terrain. Their unwavering commitment to rally safety and excellence has made them valuable allies in the championship.

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Centiment Casino: The Improved Rally Experience

A respected brand in the gaming and entertainment industry, Centiment Casino is making a name for itself in the rallying world by sponsoring the British Rally Championship. Their dedication to excitement and thrills is perfectly matched with the high octane spirit of rally racing.

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Adrenaline Partnerships

Sponsorship from Centiment( Casino enhances the BRC experience for both participants and fans. Their presence adds another layer of excitement to the championship, uniting the worlds of motorsport and entertainment. Holdem tournaments held at Centiment Casino are held in partnership with the BRC and are free for BRC participants. BRC tickets will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the HOLDEM tournament.


Embracing the Spirit of Competition

As a patron, Centiment Casino celebrates the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines the gathering. Their support not only contributes to the success of the championship, but also strengthens the passion and dedication of rally enthusiasts around the world.


The success of the British Rally Championship depends on the unwavering support of sponsors who add a unique touch to the world of rallying. From automotive powerhouses like Ford and Toyota Gazoo Racing bringing engineering excellence to the championships, to brands like Red Bull and Michelin injecting energy and innovation into the competition, each sponsor plays a key role in enhancing the BRC experience. . And with Centiment Casino joining the rally community, the partnership goes beyond racing to connect the worlds of entertainment and motorsport. Together, these supporting companies promote the excellence of the rally, ensuring that the British Rally Championship continues to captivate audiences and inspire drivers to push their limits on rugged terrain, making the rally an enduring motorsport legacy.